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Business Relationship Management

The DTS Business Relationship Management Team builds strategic partnerships between DTS and the University Schools and Functions.

Cartoon-style graphic showing Business Relationship Management collaboration and innovation

Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) work with senior stakeholders across the University to generate and maximise value for the institution through digital innovations and investment.

We help to shape and surface demand for digital services and products. We reduce duplication of effort and assist in developing robust business cases that provide value through increasing benefits, reducing inefficiencies or resource demands. We consult and contribute to strategic aims and objectives as they pertain to digital transformations, and combine business intelligence with knowledge of digital capabilities to align, influence and direct DTS resources.

BRMs work closely with the DTS Directorate and Senior Management Team to ensure that digital solutions are technically possible, fit our architectural principles, can be properly supported and resourced, and are financially sustainable.

BRM Key Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing strategic input to ongoing development, implementation and embedding of the Digital Strategy, supporting the overarching University Strategy

  • Responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective professional relationships between DTS and specified senior management & key stakeholders across the University

  • Anticipating and understanding customer needs and initiating projects to fulfil requirements in accordance with agreed service levels whilst remaining a single point of focus throughout the projects

  • Working on major projects to help understand business requirements, and assisting in engagement & communications of projects to the business & senior stakeholders

  • Monitoring and reporting the value provided by new projects, products and services throughout their lifecycle; analysing where value is lost to assess if a better outcome could be achieved through changing the existing product/service or replacing it entirely

  • Acting as point of contact for escalations from specified senior management from Schools & Functions. Feeding back complaints to appropriate DTS managers and Directors to ensure appropriate resolutions are found where possible

How we can help:

  • Initiatives with digital elements – speak to us as soon as you have an idea that has a digital element and may require DTS involvement, whether something new or a replacement for an existing solution
  • DTS Service offerings – if a current service DTS offers is no longer fit for purpose, or we don’t currently offer something that will meet your future needs, reach out and work with us to establish scope and definition (this may result in a project being initiated)
  • New software – if you have identified a need to either change existing software, or acquire something completely new, speak to us about your requirements as early as possible. Something we already have may be suitable, and if not we can work with you to develop your idea for something new
  • Synergy with other areas – for some of the above, there may be opportunities we can identify for collaborating across different areas of the University, to add weight to a business case and make an initiative more financially viable
  • Digital Innovations – interested in a new technology, but not sure how to progress? Contact us to see how it could align to the University and Digital Strategy, or what alternatives are already being considered
  • Strategic planning – IT is usually a key aspect of 5-year plans and other strategic planning activity, speak with us about your plans and we can provide further detail and context, or connect you with DTS colleagues for specific scoping 



Created by tr918051 - 03/02/2023

Who is my BRM?
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