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Setting up VPN on Your Computer

If you are out of the office, such as when you are working from home, you may need to connect to the University network using a VPN. 

Important: The VPN has specific uses and is not always required for access. Many of the apps you use daily, such as Microsoft Office 365, do not require a VPN to access them. Check the sidebar for more information.

Instructions on connecting to the University VPN

Depending on your type of machine you will have to follow a different guide (this will open a login to the IT Self Service Portal):

Please remember to disconnect from the VPN when you no longer need to access to systems or services that require it.

Page updated by lm920207 on 23/01/23

No VPN? No worries

You do not always need to connect to the VPN in order to make use of University systems. 

These do not need VPN:

  • * Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel etc.)
  • * Outlook Email and Calendar
  • * OneDrive for Business
  • * Microsoft Teams
  • * Most ARC services (arc-ssh or remote desktop)
  • * Blackboard
  • * Using business systems (HR, Finance, timetabling)

These need VPN:

  • * Collaborative shares
  • * Business systems administration
  • * Remote desktop access