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Call Queues (or hunt group)

How to order a call queue

Requirements have been gathered to identify who already has a call queue, and these will be moved over by IT. If you haven't already discussed this, please contact the project team to help you move over your existing call queue, hunt group or team line.

In the future, you will need to raise a request in the IT Self Service Portal, as this will be set up by IT Services through the Teams admin account.

Can I use a call group Instead?

Call Group

Inbound calls are directed to a group of employees ("call group") and rings all phones at the same time, or rings each person in turn if there aren't many people in the group. You can set this up yourself through Teams: Call group (or group pick up).

Call Queue (hunt group)

Inbound calls are directed into a queue, where the caller is on hold for an available employee. This is often combined with an auto attendant.

You need a Call Queue to be set up for you if you want:

  • A single dedicated number which isn't assigned to a person
  • Intelligent call distribution between employees

For a more detailed explanation of call pick up groups, queues, hunt groups etc. see Advanced calling features (PowerPoint).


Auto Attendant (IVR): Auto Attendant

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