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Elisaveta always wanted to further her studies in law and she knew she wanted to study in England. The University of Reading was Elisaveta's first choice and she applied to the University, partly for the Reading's academic excellence and partly for the culturally varied community. Elisaveta says there was never any that she wanted to study here.

Law of the internet

"Passionate about exploring the legal and regulatory issues emerging in the online environment, I embarked on my journey to pursue an LLM in International Commercial Law with a specialism in Information Technology and Commerce. This innovative and intellectually exciting pathway provided me with the opportunity to study the laws that govern commercial transactions on the internet including data protection, intellectual property law, privacy and other emerging issues."

"I was really keen on learning more about the new General Data Protection Regulation. Topics covered on the programme helped me understand the need for the regulation, what is going to be changed, what information should we provide online and how to protect ourselves from any forms of data breach."

Inspiring lectures

"My lectures were so interesting and exciting that I did not want them to end. All of my lecturers were experts in their subjects and involved their students in a different and engaging manner. They made the entire learning experience very interesting and interactive through discussion of practical case studies and asked for our opinion about the debated issues."

"For example, in Copyrights and Designs we listened to different songs and had to explain if there was a copyright issue. We worked as a team and discussed various cases. It was not just a monologue."

"Most of my lecturers were from different countries. Not only did they share additional information about legislation in their home countries but also discussed relevant local burning issues. This was a motivating factor for me as it encouraged me to take steps to expand my legal knowledge. As a result I started reading legislations not only pertaining to the UK jurisdiction but also from across the world."

Unlimited support

"At the beginning I was really nervous about my assessments. I read different articles, cases, journals and books. However, whenever I had a question about anything, I approached my lecturers for advice, additional materials or even their opinion on a certain topic. All of them were really friendly and provided me with invaluable help and support."

Outstanding facilities

"he University offers a stunning campus. My favourite place is the lake. Surrounded by the forest, people can relax, refresh their mind and enjoy the nature. A number of cafes and restaurants are conveniently located on campus and the bank and other retail shops onsite are also very handy. Additionally, the University also has an excellent nursery where I could settle my son during the day while I attended lectures."

"Another place where I liked spending a lot of time is the library. Be it reading and researching or meeting new people, the library is not only a good place to study but also a place where you can socialise with your friends."

Living in Reading

"People are so friendly in Reading and there are plenty of parks, bars, restaurants and shopping centres. A great advantage is the fact that Reading is very close to London-just about 25 minutes by train, so I get to attend different social events such as concerts, ballets and musicals."

An irreplaceable experience

"The University welcomes academics and students from different nationalities. I have made many friends and got the chance to learn so much about other countries and their traditions. I still keep in touch with my friends and I believe these friendships are priceless."


Eyas Alkswani: selected to represent the University at prestigious competition

The International Commercial Arbitration Mooting module gave Eyas the opportunity to participate in 'real world' international commercial law disputes.


Wenxiao Liu: graduated from student to associate lawyer

The approaches and strategies Wenxiao developed at Reading have helped shape his future professional plans.

Enyinnaya Uwadi : following his passion

The wide range of modules and growth opportunities offered by the School fostered Enyinnaya's memorable journey at Reading.