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Head of Department: Dr John McKendrick

Academic staff

Name Position Research interests
Dr Roger Bennett Associate Professor in Nanostructured Surfaces and Part 3 Year Tutor Surface science, ultra-thin films, transition metal oxides, heterogeneous catalysis, nanoparticles, clusters, synchrotron science.
Dr Geoff Brown Associate Professor in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, Departmental Director of Academic Tutoring, NMR Platform Lead in the Chemical Analysis Facility and Part 2 Year Tutor
NMR spectroscopy, natural products, biosynthesis, origin of life.
Professor Christine Cardin Professor of Crystallography and Culture Champion on the Wellbeing, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality (WIDE) Committee Crystallography and structure determination of nucleic acids, ligands binding to nucleic acids, G-quadruplexes and other noncanonical structures.
Professor Ann Chippindale Professor of Structural Chemistry and Department Director of Outreach Microporous materials, synthesis of solids with interesting chemical and physical properties, transition-metal cyanides, open-framework metal phosphates, single-crystal X-ray diffraction.
Dr James Cooper Lecturer in Organic Chemistry  Supramolecular chemistry, systems chemistry, transmembrane assemblies and processes, stimuli-responsive assemblies, out-of-equilibrium architectures and molecular machines.
Professor Rainer Cramer Professor of Mass Spectrometry and Bioanalytical Sciences, and Head of Biomedical, Molecular and Analytical Chemistry Mass spectrometry, proteomics, clinical diagnostics, matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI), analytical chemistry, biomarkers, high-throughput screening (HTP) analysis, systems biology.
Dr Philippa Cranwell Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry, University Director of Foundation Studies, University Teaching Fellow, and Admissions Tutor The role of language when teaching chemistry, internationalisation, organic synthesis, synthetic methodology.
Dr Fred Davis Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry and Examinations Officer The synthesis of polymeric materials with unusual properties, spectral filters, their degradation and stability, novel supercapacitors.
Dr Joanne Elliott Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry, Industrial Placements, Careers and Employability Officer, and School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy Athena SWAN Officer Lyotropic liquid crystals, liquid crystal templating, hydrodynamic modulation voltammetry.
Dr Ricardo Grau-Crespo Associate Professor of Materials Theory and Part 4 Year Tutor Computational materials science, energy materials, solid solutions, minerals, surface science and catalysis.
Professor Ian Hamley Diamond Professor of Physical Chemistry Soft matter, self-assembly, nanoscience, polymers, peptides, biomaterials, X-ray and neutron scattering, rheology, circular dichroism.
Professor Frantisek Hartl Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Head of Spectroelectrochemistry Reading
Inventive molecular and laser spectroelectrochemistry, molecular wires, smart materials and photo-redox switches, photo-assisted electrocatalytic activation of carbon dioxide, organometallic and matallaaromatic compounds.
Professor Laurence Harwood Professor of Organic Chemistry and Director of the University of Reading Chemical Analysis Facility Total synthesis, natural products, synthetic methodology, pericyclic reactions, chiral morpholinones, peptides, minor actinide selective ligands.
Professor Wayne Hayes Professor of Polymer Chemistry Functional and reactive polymers, self-assembled polymers, healable polymer networks, polymer synthesis.
Dr Peiyi Li International Support Tutor  
Dr Kevin Lovelock Royal Society University Research Fellow X-ray spectroscopy, electronic properties and chemistry of liquids, Lewis acids and bases, ionic liquids, synchrotron science. 
Dr John McKendrick Head of Department, Associate Professor in Bio-Organic Chemistry, and Deputy Exams Officer Bio-compatible monomers/polymers, organic synthesis, analysis of complex multi-component mixtures.
Dr David Nutt Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry, Department Director of Teaching and Learning, and University Teaching Fellow Chemistry education, computational chemistry, molecular dynamics simulations, quantum mechanical calculations.
Dr Michael Piperakis Lecturer in Inorganic and Physical Chemistry Chemistry education, nucleic acid chemistry.
Professor Anthony Powell Professor of Solid-State Chemistry and Research Division Lead for Chemistry Solid-state chemistry, functional materials, thermoelectric materials, structure-directed synthesis, neutron diffraction, magnetism, transport properties.
Dr Andrew Russell Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, School Director of Academic Tutoring, and Deputy Department Director of Teaching and Learning Synthesis, natural products, photochemistry, cycloaddition reactions, synthetic methodology.
Dr Chris Smith Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, Careers and Employability Officer, Erasmus and Study Abroad Coordinator, and Industrial Placements Officer Synthesis, photochemistry, flow chemistry, natural products, catalysis, nuclear separations using minor actinide selective ligands.
Dr Paz Vaqueiro Associate Professor in Materials Chemistry, Departmental Director of Postgraduate Studies, Programme Director for MSc in Chemical Research, and School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy Director of Postgraduate Studies Materials, solid state chemistry, thermoelectric materials, microporous solids, photovoltaic materials. 

Academic teaching staff

Name Position
Professor Matthew Almond National Teaching Fellow, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry Education and Sessional Lecturer 
Dr Silvia Baldanza Sessional Lecturer
Mrs Gill Brown Sessional Lecturer 
Mrs Hannah Lyttle Sessional Lecturer
Mrs Gail Lydford Sessional Lecturer 
Mrs Sally Wade Part 1 Tutor and Sessional Lecturer

Administrative staff

Name Position
Kate Benyon  Interim Chemistry Administrator and School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy Administration Manager 
Mrs Barbara Parr
Executive Support Officer to: Chemistry Research Committee, School Research Division and IMPACT Leads, School Ethics Committee, and School Health and Safety Committee
Isaac Wilks Postgraduate Administrator

Emeritus staff

Name Email
Professor David Cardin d.j.cardin@reading.ac.uk
Professor Howard Colquhoun h.m.colquhoun@reading.ac.uk
Professor Mike Drew m.g.b.drew@reading.ac.uk
Professor H Monty Frey h.m.frey@reading.ac.uk
Professor Ian Mills (Fellow of the Royal Society) i.m.mills@reading.ac.uk
Dr Philip Mitchell p.c.h.mitchell@reading.ac.uk
Professor Elizabeth Page e.m.page@reading.ac.uk
Professor David Rice d.a.rice@reading.ac.uk
Professor Robin Walsh r.walsh@reading.ac.uk

Athena SWAN Silver Award