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Professor Wayne Hayes

Professor Wayne Hayes, Professor of Polymer Chemistry



Building location


Areas of interest

Wayne's research is centred on the generation of new polymeric materials by using an approach of i. design, ii. synthesis, iii. characterisation and iv. property assessment. Use of this strategy has led to key developments in the areas of hyperbranched systems, supramolecular polymers, gelators, healable polymer networks and self-immolative (degradable) materials. State-of-the-art synthetic methods or molecular recognition phenomena are employed to realise these materials and their properties are assessed using rheometry and tensiometry, techniques available within the Hayes group laboratory. 

The materials generated are targeted towards use as new adhesives, surface coatings, polymer ink formulations for 2D or 3D printing, sensors and drug delivery systems. 

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Research centres and groups

Professor Hayes is part of the Soft Matter research group.

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