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Kalina studied both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the School of Law at the University of Reading. Kalina says that the course content and learning from experts was what attracted her to, and kept her at, the University of Reading.

"I had a fantastic time studying Law at Reading. Moving from Bulgaria for higher studies, I was looking for a prestigious law school that was close to London but not a part of the hustle and bustle of a big city. The University of Reading School of Law offers just what I was looking for."

The first three years

"An over-arching memory of my first year at the University is trying to adjust to a completely new style of teaching and learning as it was very different from the way I learnt at school back home. With the support of my lecturers and friends I adjusted quickly."

"In the academic sense, the first year of study introduces you to core topics in law and starts to build your critical thinking skills. The second year is all about deeper understanding of key areas and gives you a chance to work on your research and presentation skills. My advice is to start participating in as many activities as possible that are organized by the School and the Law Society. Sports activities , for the most part, take place on campus at convenient times – take advantage of that as well!."

"I had the opportunity to be involved in School Pro bono and law advisory activities and also did some work placements with local law firms in Bulgaria and Reading. Participating in such activities is not only helpful in your overall development but also adds value to your CV."

"In the third year you have the option to select modules that appeal to your interests and benefit from research led teaching by experts. By far this was the most interesting year of my study. I had the opportunity to select from a wide range of modules. I went for topics I hadn't studied before to broaden my knowledge and match my evolving interests. I opted for Family Law, International Law, Intellectual Property Law and Criminology."

Love of language

"I motivated myself to learn French during school, and seized the opportunity to build on this knowledge at university. While studying French during the first two years, I found myself interested in other languages as well and opted to study German in my third year. I loved my language classes as I got to learn from very helpful and knowledgeable tutors and I also enjoyed a much desired change from reading legal statutes and cases."

Progressing to the next level

"After completing my undergraduate degree I chose to remain at the University of Reading for my master's in Intellectual Property Law. The reason being the wide range of topics and expertise available at Reading, that enabled me to follow my interests in this field."

"The experts at the School of Law are passionate about their subjects and that is evident in their teaching delivery. For example, one of my lecturers brought a collection of artefacts to class that relate to popular trademark and copyright infringement cases."

"It was the sincerity and energy of my lecturers that sparked a specialist interest in Intellectual Property Law and I was confident this is what I wanted to do and the School of Law at Reading is the best place to continue my study."

"My lecturers made me believe you should study something you are interested in and are enthusiastic about - I've never once regretted my decision to do so."

The future

"I've had an amazing journey with Reading, from an undergraduate to a postgraduate student. Having completed my study I would now like to build on the knowledge I have gained and pursue a career as a graduate trademark attorney or a paralegal in Intellectual Property Law. After I graduate, I know I'll keep contact with my lecturers. I can't thank them enough for the support they've given me, with both my academic studies and career pursuits.

“I chose to study at Reading because it offered varied course content and a vibrant blend of different cultures on a beautiful campus. But above all, the teaching quality and the support I received during my studies was what made my degree here a stand-out experience for me."

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