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Noor Mat Nayan

IFP lecturer, Academic Tutor, Module Convenor for International English, Chair and Chief Editor of InForm.

Areas of interest

World Englishes, Malaysian English, intonation, phonetics and phonology and decolonising the curriculum.


International English, Academic Skills, AEP.


I have been teaching English in higher education for nearly 30 years now. I am originally from Malaysia and I have vast experience teaching international students as well as British students at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate level. I have taught English for TESL, TESOL and in the last decade for applied linguistics (phonetics), EAP and AEP contexts.

Academic qualifications

B.Ed. (TESL), University Malaya, Malaysia.

M.Ed (TESOL), University of Wollongong, Australia.

PhD (Applied Linguistics), University of Reading.

Professional bodies/affiliations

Chair and chief editor of InForm, BALEAP member, BAAP member

Selected publications

Mat Nayan, N.F., and Setter, J. (2020). Stress and Prominence in Malay Speakers of English. In Speech research in a Malaysian Context. J. Setter and N.T. Yap (Eds). Kuala Lumpur: UPM Publication. (In Press).

Drake, N. and Mat Nayan, N, F. (2019). Are changes necessary? Enhancing Student Engagement on an International Foundation Programme. InForm. (In Press).

Mat Nayan, N.F. and Setter, J. (2016). Malay English Intonation: The Cooperative Rise. English World-Wide. Vol.37, no.3, page 293-322.

Noor, F. Mat Nayan. (2008). Using Diaries and Journals in ESL Research. In P. Muthiah (Ed). Qualitative Research Approaches. Sintok: UUM Press.

Noor, F. Mat Nayan. (2005) Using Reflective Journals in ESL Pre Service Teacher Education. Paper presented at the International TLEiA Conference, 14-16th November 2005, Penang, TLEiA Proceedings, ISBN: 983-42825-0-8.

Noor, F. Mat Nayan. (30.6.2003) Hewlett Packard vs Carly Fiorina, The Star.

A. Zaini and Noor F. Mat Nayan. (2002) Future Health: Coping with Change, Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, Vol. 14, No. 1, page 44-46.

Noor, F. Mat Nayan. (2000). A Classical Influence of Malay Dance. In Morais, Elaine (Ed.). Reading, Thinking and Writing in an ESL Context. Beacon Press.

Noor, F. Mat Nayan, (1999). Reading Academic English: Problems Encountered by Selected Malay Undergraduates. Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 19, page 57-69, Education Faculty, University of Malaya.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Natalie Drake and Noor, F. Mat Nayan (2019). Are changes necessary? Enhancing Student Engagement on an International Foundation Programme. Paper presentation at InForm Conference, June 2019, University of Reading.


Noor, F. Mat Nayan. (2013). Incorporating local prosodic features in the teaching of pronunciation. Paper (proceedings) at the Phonetics Teaching and Learning Conference (PTLC), 8-10 August, 2013, UCL, London.

Noor, F. Mat Nayan and J. Setter. (2011). The Intonation patterns of Malay Speakers of English: A Discourse Intonation Approach. Poster and paper (proceedings) at the 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS), 17-21st August 2011, Hong Kong.


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