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Spoken Language Courses

Our Spoken Language Courses offer the opportunity to develop your listening and speaking skills in academic and informal contexts. 

Our Spoken Language Courses will resume in Semester 1 (September 2024). If you are looking for support with your spoken English during the summer vacation, we recommend booking a 1:1 Consultation.


Participating in Discussions

The aim of this course is to improve your ability to contribute to academic seminar discussions and engage in conversation in general, for example during group work tasks on your degree programme. In each lesson, you will discuss topics of general interest in small groups. You will learn useful language and techniques for taking part in discussions and have the opportunity to practise these to build your confidence, fluency and accuracy. 



This course is a step-by-step confidence building course covering all aspects of presentation skills. Topics covered include organising your material, dealing with questions and answers, creating more impact, using visual aids and giving persuasive presentations. You will have some time within lessons to work on your own presentation and an opportunity to practise presenting in front of classmates. 

This presentations course is most suitable for students who do not have much experience with academic presentations, or who feel they could benefit from an overall review of all aspects of presenting to an audience. If you are currently working on a presentation and you have specific questions about it, we recommend you request a 1:1 Consultation to practice and receive feedback on a presentation

Social English

This English speaking course is for students who want to practise their conversation skills for general and everyday English. It aims to improve overall interaction in day-to-day academic and social situations, such as discussing a group project, meeting a supervisor or contacting a landlord. Each week the class focuses on a particular aspect or function of everyday speech which students practise in pairs and small groups through a variety of interactive activities such as dialogue, discussion and roleplay. 

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Online courses for self-enrolment

A range of online academic grammar, writing and presentation courses designed for independent learning, with the option to attend weekly live online sessions.


Consultations for writing and presentations

 Meet with our experienced academic language tutors, on a one-to-one basis, for individual advice and feedback on your academic writing or speaking,


Academic Language Webinars

One-hour webinars designed to help you with the language needed in a range of academic communication contexts. Attendance can count towards the Training and Development component of your RED Award.