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How do I prepare for the subject-specific elements of my interview?

Please be prepared to deliver a five-minute mock microlesson relating to a Computer Science topic that interests you – for example, an introduction to binary, algorithms, network topology or data representation.

For your microlesson, you should:

  • consider a potential target audience (for example, Year 7 or Year 9)
  • explain why you have chosen the topic for your microlesson
  • explain how you would introduce the topic to your target audience "unplugged" (without using the computer)
  • consider the learning opportunities for the students including any possible misconceptions or aspects that you anticipate the students may find particularly engaging, difficult or challenging
  • try to encourage discussion, perhaps by ending with a question
  • share specific resources that you would use with the class.

Additional notes:

  • This will be a verbal presentation. Please do not to use PowerPoint or other presentation formats (including a whiteboard).
  • You may wish to use a prop as an example, or for focus.

If you have any questions about the microlesson that you need to prepare, please contact the subject leader, Dr Yota Dimitriadi (, before the date of your interview.