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Computer Science

The interview may involve a number of candidates and will be conducted remotely via Microsoft Teams.


Prior to interview

  • Please watch the video presentation by the Programme Director – Will Bailey-Watson
  • Please also prepare a mock microlesson relating to a Computer Science topic that interests you. For instance, an introduction to binary, algorithms, network topology, data representation, etc. You will need to consider a potential target audience (e.g., Year 7, Year 9, etc.,) and explain how you would introduce the topic to them 'unplugged' (without using the computer). You will need to share specific resources that you would use with the class.
  • ­Your microlesson should be no more than 5 minutes long.
  • ­You should not use PowerPoint or other presentation formats (including a whiteboard).
  • ­You may wish to use a prop as an example or for focus.
  • ­You should explain why you chose the topic for your microlesson.
  • ­You should consider the learning opportunities for the students including any possible misconceptions or aspects that you anticipate the students will find particularly engaging, difficult, or challenging.
  • ­You should try to encourage discussion perhaps by ending with a question.


The remote interview process


Your interview will start with an introduction by Dr Yota Dimitriadi (subject leader for PGCE Secondary Computer Science).

You will then be given 5 minutes to share your microlesson. This will be followed by a brief discussion about your topic and delivery. 

You will then be asked a series of formal questions which will explore your motivations for becoming a teacher, your passion for teaching Computer Science, and look to draw upon your subject knowledge and specialisms. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions. This should take approximately 20-30 minutes.


Written task

Immediately after the formal interview, an email with a link to Microsoft Forms will be sent to you containing a written task, which we will ask you to complete.

The written task includes two parts:

  • Part A: A subject knowledge quiz to identify the scope of your subject knowledge;
  • Part B: A short written task (essay-style) intended to assess your language fluency and your thoughts on an aspect of Computer Science.

We expect that it will take you around 90 minutes to complete both parts of the written task. Once you have completed the task, you will need to click on the Microsoft Form to submit it.

Please feel free to contact Yota ( should you have any questions.

If your/our internet connection does not work well on the day, please do not panic! We will email you using the email addresses given in your application and we will make a contingency plan. It is advisable though to test Microsoft Teams prior to your interview (if you have not used it before).