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Azad Ashraf

Azad Ashraf profile picture

Areas of interest

  • Sustainable development
  • Renewable energy
  • Waste to resource

Postgraduate supervision

Dr. Eugene Mohareb

Dr. Maria Vahdati

Research centres and groups

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Research projects

Life cycle Sustainable Assessment (LCSA) of food waste to compost process to mitigate climate change.

Population growth and industrial activities in developing countries have led to challenges in municipal solid waste management. An estimated 3.2% of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the mismanaged solid waste emphasize the importance of a more sustainable approach to municipal solid waste management. A case of domestic organic waste generated by the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) in Bangladesh has been examined to assess its life cycle sustainability with environmental, social and economic impacts. Four waste management scenarios were compared; the current practice of ‘landfilling’, partial sanitary landfilling, a proposed ‘decentralized waste to compost’ facility with windrow composting as well as an automated waste to composting machine (EP-1000). The impacts analysed were based on the level of emissions from each process.


I hold BSC, MSC in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Alabama (USA) and an MSc in Environmental Science from University of Toronto (Canada). I am currently teaching as a lecturer at the University of Doha for Science and Technology for their Engineering department. My PhD dissertation focused on life cycle assessment and its environmental, social and economic impact towards waste management process. I have years of expertise working in the waste water, petrochemical, and chemical industries in both Canada and the United States. In the USA, I held positions at Union Carbide, Dow Chemical Company, and General Electric. I have also worked in the fields of energy auditing and industrial waste water treatment. I was sent to the United Nations (UN) Mission in Haiti as an environmental officer. Among my duties there include providing environmental audit training to five thousand military and law enforcement personnel from different contingents throughout the globe.


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