Professor Mark Fellowes

Dr Becky Thomas

Dr Tara Pirie



Main collaboration


Doctoral Researchers

Irene Christianus - The effect of urbanisation on butterfly communities

Kwasi Asante - Interactions between insect herbivores, their enemies and African honeybees

Trica Burgess - Influence of culture on attitudes towards conservation

Ussawit Srisakrapikoop - Interactions between insect herbivores, their natural enemies, and ant  


Ailun Wang - Toxoplasma in urban and rural areas

Theresa Udofia - Implications for biodiversity conservation of predation by the domestic cat (Felis

                            catus) in Nigeria.

Susan Medcalf - Maximising the environmental and social benefits of gardens in the modern

                           housing market.

Peter Capainolo - The evolutionary and ecological diversity of the common grackle Quiscalus


Prakash Mardaraj - Impact of urbanization on Sloth bear habitat.


Visiting Fellows

Will Fox - INGWE Leopard Research

Undergraduate Interns


Former members

Dr Hugh Hanmer

Dr Mel Orros

Dr Elise Rocha

Dr Norhayati Ngah

Dr Dseepa Senapathi

Dr Lionel Smith

Stephanie Falk


M. Sajid Qureshi (PMAS_AAUR; Pakistan 2018)

Raphael Forné (Exchange masters student; France 2017)


Arron Watson - Stable isotope analysis of red kite diet (2018)

Claire Janes (UROP student 2017)

Alex Rozek (UROP student 2015)

Evan Roderick (UROP student 2014)



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