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Currently we teach modules in:

Ecology and Behaviour

This module aims to provide students with an understanding of the local and global patterns of the distribution and abundance of living species, and the processes that have resulted in these patterns. It also aims to provide a general introduction to the study of animal behaviour. Students are provided with an opportunity to develop insights into field ornithology and, through this, gain an understanding of the critical link between field taxonomy skills and field ecology.
Professor Mark Fellowes and
Dr Becky Thomas teach this module.

Birds - Diversity, Behaviour and Conservation

Birds are among the most charismatic and familiar of the animal groups. This module aims to provide an introduction to the study of avian biology, encompassing their evolutionary history, diversity, adaptations, social behaviour, reproduction and conservation. Practical classes are linked to the content of the lectures, and will provide students with the opportunity to explore the physiological and behavioural adaptations of birds.
Dr Becky Thomas teaches this module.

Tropical Biology Field Couse

This module introduces students to the diversity of animal life in the tropics. Students gain real insights into the human pressure on tropical environments (e.g. in terms of subsistence farming, illegal mining and logging, burning) and the focus on international demand for natural resources. Since 2012 this field course has taken place in Madagascar, and previous to this in Indonesia.
Professor Mark Fellowes and Dr Becky Thomas teach this module.

Each year we also supervise around ten to fourteen undergraduate research projects.

Interested in garden birds?
Check out the details of our Urban Bird Conservation project to find out how you can take part.