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Ever since deciding to study a degree in law, the UK was always Haroon’s destination of choice. There were a million possibilities, but he ended up applying to the University of Reading, based on family recommendation and his own research of University rankings. Even though he did not get the opportunity to visit the university prior to his application, he managed to visit during one of his holidays and at once loved the campus and the welcoming atmosphere.

Haroon now works as an Associate Director in Liquidity and Funding at UBS Bank - a multinational investment bank based in London.

“The purpose of the job is to monitor and report financial risks to the Banking regulator in Europe. The nature of the job stems from the 2008 financial crisis which placed a heavy burden on financial Institutions, especially banks, to monitor and mitigate risks before they arise and cause a contagion in the market. I oversee two teams based in Europe and Asia and we do daily analysis of the Bank’s activities and report up to senior management.”

Exploring comparative law

One of the main highlights of Haroon’s time at Reading was the semester he spent in Kuala Lumpur with his peers at Reading’s partner university Taylor’s University.

“Malaysia was an unforgettable experience for me and I based my dissertation on the comparison between Sharia and Civil law in Malaysia.”

Set yourself apart

When Haroon began his undergraduate study, he was absolutely sure he wanted to practice Law after graduation. However, his undergraduate experience broadened his views and he found himself open to explore alternative career paths. 

“Meeting non-law peers opened my eyes to different career paths – especially in financial services. The numerous careers fairs the University hosted certainly helped. I met plenty of non-law employers and it gave me a lot to think about. Whilst doing my semester in Kuala Lumpur, I did an internship with Malaysia’s National Bank. I specialised in Financial Law which inspired me to consider working in banking and financial services."

Haroon also noticed the impact his time at Reading had on his personal development:

“The School of Law gave me the confidence and voice to speak in front of an audience without hesitation. When I arrived I was very shy, but over time interacting with the faculty and my peers, I found the strength to express my opinions and to debate in a healthy manner. This is a crucial life skill and has helped me grow in my career.”