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Leandro Ayres Franca

Leandro Ayres Franca


Dr Leandro Ayres Franca is Doctor and Master in Criminal Sciences by PUCRS (Porto Alegre, Brazil), having worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the same university. Professor of Criminology, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at University of Santa Cruz do Sul. He is also a Penal Police Officer working at the Legal Advisory Council, Superintendents Office (SUSEPE). He is also the Coordinator of the Contemporary Criminologies Study Group ( Dr Franca’s main research interests are: criminological theory, international criminology, prison studies, teaching/learning criminology, technology and society. His main publications are: Inimigo ou a Inconveniência de Existir [The Enemy, or the Inconvenience of Existing] (2012); As Marcas do Cárcere [The Marks of Prison], co-authored by A. Steffen Neto and A. R. Artuso (2016); Alternative Criminologies, co-edited with Pat Carlen (2017); Justice Alternatives, co-edited with Pat Carlen (2019); Atlas do Pensamento Criminológico Brasileiro [Atlas of the Brazilian Criminological Thought] (2022). For further information please see: