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Dr. Ayça Uçar

Ayça Uçar
Visiting Fellow

Areas of interest

Maritime Law, Insurance Law, International Trade Law and International Transport Law


Dr. Ayca Ucar has been a lecturer at Özyeğin University Istanbulsince 2018 where she has been teaching Maritime Law, Insurance Law, International Trade Law and International Transport Law lectures. She obtained LLM in Maritime Law from Southampton University (England) in 2010, and Ph.D.  from Exeter University (England) in 2018. She has more than 10 years of working experience in multi-national Shipping and Insurance companies in Turkey and the UK. Previously, she was a legal claim consultant at C Solution Ltd. in London (2010), In House lawyer at TURKON Container Shipping Company (2010-2012), Country Manager at ‘Certasig Insurance& Reinsurance SA (2012-2014).Her current research projects include legal assessment of seaworthiness in autonomous cargo ships and Covid-19, its impact on charterparties, and carrier’s liabilities on cruise ships. 

Dr. Ayca Ucar is an author of the book on the perils of the sea and Inherent Vice in Marine Insurance Law. It was published by Routledge in the UK in October 2020. This book has been awarded by BILA (British Insurance Association) as best written book prize in 2021. 

Selected publications


Perils of the sea and inherent Vice in Marine Insurance Law 1st ed., Informa Law from Routledge 29 October 2020(Award winning book by the British Insurance Law Association (2021 BILA Best Prize) 

Practice Questions for Maritime Law, Marine Insurance Law, International Trade Law and International Transport Law 3rd edition Seckin, August 2021


The Impact of Autonomous Ships on Piracy: Prevention Methods, New Developments, and Challenges Legal Journal of Law, Volume 20, Issue 233,2022, p.1663-1694

“The Impact of COVID-19 on Charterparties” 2021 Piri Reis University, Istanbul, p.37-65

The Identity of the Carrier’s primary Obligations in Cargo Claims under The Hague-Visby Rules: New developments on Adopting a “Sound System” and “Burden of Proof” Journal of International Trade and Arbitration Law volume 10, issue 1 ,2021, p.28-52 

Takings at sea: recent insurance law developments in England R Merkin, A Uçar - Exeter Law Review, 2020

The outcome of Cendor Mopu: New scenario for ‘inherent vice’ and ‘perils of the sea Insurance Law Journal Australia (ILJ) Australia Volume 30, Issue LexisNexis, Pages 33-60


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