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Consultancy and Technical Services

Consultancy is the provision or transfer of existing knowledge and expertise to help an organisation solve a particular issue, or to provide them with longer term strategic advice relevant to the nature of their organisation through a contract for payment.  It is one of the principle mechanisms by which universities transfer knowledge and provide access to leading-edge facilities

Consultancy includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • A specific agreed programme of work with known outcomes and no planned research element
  • The design, testing or evaluation of a product, service or system or assisting with these processes
  • Advice on using knowledge gained or processes/systems developed at the University
  • Use of the University’s research facilities and expertise for routine testing and analysis of materials and compounds
  • Analysis and reporting (including statistical advice) on relevant issues
  • Presentation at a seminar or business conference
  • Advisory role
  • Provision of specialist advice and training
  • Expert witness

Before committing to a consultancy project, a number of considerations need to be made in advance, such as relevant expertise, confidentiality, management of intellectual property, deliverables, timescales and fee. A consultancy contract will need to be put in place in advance.

Interested businesses should get in touch with the KTC through to discuss your requirements.

Staff at the University of Reading will manage the process, to get started please refer to Research Services.

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