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The Research Staff Committee is a sub-committee of the Committee for Researcher Development and Postgraduate Research Studies, which itself is under the purview of the Committee for Research & Innovation. The Committee for Research & Innovation in turns reports to the University Board for Research & Innovation. This structure ensures that communication with and from senior management about matters pertaining to research staff is maintained regularly. 

Further information about the committees can be found on the Governance Zone webpage.

Research Staff Committee members*

Name(s) Position 
Dr Claudia Murray** Chair
Dr Veronica Escobar-Ruiz Deputy Chair
Doctoral & Researcher College Secretary
Mrs Sue Glover Researcher Development Project Officer (RDPO)
Dean of PGR Studies & Researcher Development

Professor Adrian Williams
Dr Nico Biagi; Dr Claudia Murray
Prosperity & Resilience
Vacant x2 Heritage & Creativity
Dr Gabriel Yesuf; Dr Veronica Escobar-Ruiz Environment
Dr Tom Breeze; Dr Victoria Norton Agriculture, Food & Health
Mrs Geraldine Bourgeon People Development (HR)


Guests will be invited from time to time, for example, Human Resources Business Partners, Research and Enterprise Services (RES), Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) or members of the Committee for Open Research and Research Integrity (CORRI).

Note: all minutes from meetings are available on the MS Team Researcher Development site.

*Appointed through open competition.

**Also sits on Committee for Researcher Development & PGR Studies.