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Xiaowei Lyu

Xiawei Lyu profile picture

Areas of interest

Airborne transmission

Smart ventilation


Postgraduate supervision

Prof. Zhiwen Luo (Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University)

Prof. Emmanuel Essah

Research projects

Indoor Airborne Transmission Control

People spend most of their time indoors, where outbreaks of respiratory diseases, such as COVID-19, have been observed to spread predominantly. Considering that airborne transmission, which includes both short- and long-range routes, is the primary transmission routes for respiratory diseases, controlling this type of transmission in indoor environments is of critical importance. Engineering control strategies, particularly ventilation, are crucial in mitigating indoor airborne transmission. However, these strategies can lead to substantial energy consumption. My research aims to explore energy-efficient methods for controlling airborne transmission indoors.


I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Building Technology and Science, both from the Harbin Institute of Technology.


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