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Kwesi Andel Jervis Amsterdam

Kwesi Amsterdam headshot

Areas of interest

  • Natural ventilation
  • Indoor air quality
  • School designs for tropical regions
  • Housing development

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Emmanuel Essah

Research centres and groups

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Research projects

Improving indoor air quality in schools via the process of natural ventilation; A case study in Guyana.

For tropical countries relying on natural ventilation as a means of maintaining acceptable IAQ within classrooms, most learning institutions were not designed to achieve this.

For some developing countries such as Guyana, schools are primarily designed and built to accommodate the increasing school age children population. Additionally, sizes of the school buildings are also subject to the availability of land space.


With a BSc in architecture and a dissertation on building failures, I continued my academic endeavours with an MSc in construction project management with a thesis in potential fire hazards in buildings. Now, I am further extending my building services knowledge by focusing on the process and impact of ventilation and IAQ in school buildings in tropical regions

I have worked with several agencies over my many years of employment, but my most rewarding attachment to date, has been in my design and build business which started in 2012. Site Engineer, Regional Engineer and Project Manager, were positions I held for several years, in both my home country and regionally, successfully executing a variety of projects.

A PhD in the built environment has always been my heart’s desire and I will share  with others in the near future, knowledge acquired over the years.


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