Dr Becky Thomas

Teaching and Research Fellow

Becky Thomas with ring-tailed lemur

I have always had a deep fascination for wildlife, and it was this that resulted in me joining the University in 2006, for the highly regarded MSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation. I followed this with a PhD, studying the role of cats as urban predators. The considerable media attention around this helped me develop my interests in outreach and teaching, which has grown in my current role as a Teaching and Research Fellow within the School of Biological Sciences. 

My research interests continue to focus on the conservation biology and ecology of birds and mammals. These species permeate my teaching, where I emphasise field biology, both locally and to locations ranging from Indonesia to Iceland. I work hard to link students with the local community through my leadership roles in county mammal and ornithology societies. I organised the University's first BioBlitz, which brought many local groups onto the Whiteknights Campus to survey its exceptional biodiversity. I have developed interests in understanding the benefits of using mobile technology in teaching, conducting pedagogical research investigating how mobile apps may help or hinder the development of fundamental natural history skills. I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and in 2014 I won the RUSU Personal Tutor Excellence Award.

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