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Carol Fuller

Professor Carol Fuller

Head of Institute of Education

Areas of interest

Both qualitative and some quantitative research methods.

Various aspects of sociology of education, including:

  • Sociology
  • Educational identity/identity construction
  • Educational attainment, values and aspirations
  • Gender
  • Widening Participation
  • Social background/Pupil Premium
  • ‘Left-Behind’ Children

Postgraduate supervision

PhD and EdD Level Supervision is offered in these areas.

Current and Recent PhD and Ed D Students, with Topics/Titles of their research

  • Dr Andrew Wall - The New Junior Cycle: Exploring students’ perceptions and experiences of learning under educational reform using Freire’s analytical framework from a student/teacher perspective.
  • Dr Hamda Al-Naimi 1st - How Qatari 12th grade students make career and educational decisions - Completed
  • Dr Fiona Curtis - Understanding Algebra: A Study into the Development of Algebraic Thinking with a Focus on the Use of Manipulatives - Completed
  • Dr Catherine Foley - Children's perceptions of mathematics in their home and school lives - Completed
  • Dr Nici Hunt - Advanced Skills Teachers and Expertise - Completed
  • Dr Leah Muteru - Parental Participation in English State schools: the case for Kenyans PBS migrants - Completed
  • Dr Rosemary Reynolds - Chinese students' experiences and motivations for study in FE colleges in the UK - Completed
  • Dr Mohammed Alduailej - Career decision making of first year university students in Saudia Arabia - Completed
  • Dr Yang Hong - The educational aspirations of 'left behind' children in rural China - Completed
  • Dr Ingrid Kangua - Students’ perceptions of supporting deep learning - Completed
  • Dr Tania Lyden - Career Mentoring Relationships for UG students in HE - Current
  • Dr Aliki MacDonald - The role of parents and place in aspirations - Completed
  • Dr Blair McMurchy (1st with Dr Alan Floyd) - The role of the President in Ontario Community Colleges. - Completed
  • Mary Morris (1st with Dr Alan Floyd) - Understanding exclusions amongst PP students - Current
  • Dr Lisa Patterson – Accountability in Schools: Case studies of Jamaican and English Teachers - Completed
  • Dr Mathew Thorne - Why Sixth form students chose the A-Level subjects they are studying and the impact of Pupil Premium - Completed
  • Dr Charlotte Wilson (1st) - Affecting the Learner Identities of Pupil Premium Students: an investigation into the poverty of aspiration and the use of mentoring strategies to affect change - Completed
  • Meilun Yan (1st with Dr Karen Jones) - 'Left behind' children in rural China – Submitted
  • Nora Aljbreen – Gendered experience of leadership in Quality Assurance departs in HEIs in KSA – Current
  • Sally Tipper – Gender Representations in STEM – Current
  • Khaled Al Jarallah – 21st Century skills to support education in Kuwait – Current
  • Stuart Bracewell – Social inequality and school marketing – Current
  • Cecilia Muldoon – The role of gender and class in constructions of aspirations in women – Current
  • Linyao Wang – Rural migrant children and their educational experience in Beijing – Current
  • Suzy Tutchell – Gender self and the role of art – Current
  • Simon Fox – Resilience – what is it and how is it taught? – Current
  • Fei Lan – Gendered identity constructions and the impact on teachers in China – Current
  • Pam Cottrell – gender, education and pathways to prison - Current


  • Doctoral supervision
  • Convenor of ED3BHW
  • Contributing to teaching across all programmes

Research projects

  • ‘Marvellous Mums’
  • Martial Arts Identity and Health and Well Being with Dr Viki Lloyd
  • The Indoor/Outdoors Girlhood Project – Ufton Court
  • The impact of the outdoors on a range of areas and young people – (Funded by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust/Big Lottery Grant)
  • Outdoor Learning and impact on educational attainment and engagement (funded by SES)
  • Outdoor Learning and Educational Attainment, Engagement and Aspirations (funded by the University of Reading Research Endowment Trust Fund
  • Development in a Small Island Developing State: the Jamaican context (with Dr Alan Floyd - funded by BELMAS)
  • Exploring the Professional Identities of Secondary School Teachers (with Dr Alan Floyd, funded by the University of Reading IoE internal research fund)
  • The Experiences of Non-Traditional Entrants in a Traditional Higher Educational Setting (with Tony Macfadeyn - funded by Progress South Central)
  • Equity, Inclusion and Improvement at the Institute of Education

Professional bodies/affiliations

  • AERA
  • BERA
  • Society for Educational Studies
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • UKCGE - Professional Doctorates SIG
  • Educational Doctorates Directors Network

Selected publications

Conference Presentations:

International Conferences:

  • Fuller, C and Goodwyn, A., (2013)Advanced Skills Teachers and the 'Master Teacher' Standard; on becoming a Cheap, Cheerful and Compliant Teacher, American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Francisco, America, 27th April-2nd May 2013.
  • Goodwyn, A. and Fuller, C., (2012), The Future of Expert Teachers in England: A Case Study in an International Context, European Educational Research Association (EERA), Cadiz, Spain, September 18th-21st.
  • Fuller, C., (2012), Social Capital and Educational Aspirations, American Educational Research Association (AERA), Vancouver, Canada, 13th-17th April.
  • Fuller, C., and Macfadyen, T., (2012),"What with your grades?" Experiences of and motivations for vocational education in FE, American Educational Research Association (AERA), Vancouver, Canada, 13th-17th April.
  • Goodwyn, A. and Fuller, C., (2012), Being an Advanced Skills Teacher: Identity and Status, American Educational Research Association (AERA), Vancouver, Canada, 13th-17th April.
  • Fuller, C, (2010), Exploring Educational Aspirations, American Educational Research Association (AERA), Denver, USA, April 30th-4th May.

National Conferences:

  • Floyd, A. and Fuller, C. (2012) Leadership development in a Small Island Developing State: the Jamaican context paper presented at BELMAS Annual Conference, Manchester, 20th-22nd July.
  • Fuller, C., and Floyd, A., (2012) Teachers as professionals: identity, autonomy and job satisfaction in an era of unprecedented structural reform, British Educational Research Association (BERA), Manchester, September 4th-6th .
  • McCrum, E., Fuller, C., and Macfadyen, T., (2012), Teachers and pupils knowledge and experiences of IAG: some implications for the current policy context, British Educational Research Association (BERA), Manchester, September 4th-6th.
  • Goodwyn, A. and Fuller, C., (2012), Mr Gove's 'Master Teacher Standard'; on becoming a cheap, cheerful and compliant teacher, British Educational Research Association (BERA), Manchester, September 4th-6th.
  • Fuller, C., Goodwyn, A., and Francis-Brophy, E., (2011), Being an Advanced Skills Teacher: Identity and Status, British Educational Research Association (BERA), London, September 6th-8th .

External Roles and Consultancy

  • Champions Programme with University of West Indies, Jamaica
  • Developing a Partnership with Ho Chi University Vietnam to develop a professional doctorate programme
  • Governor Denefield School
  • External Examiner Ed D Canterbury and King's College London
  • Journal reviewer


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