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How do I prepare for the subject-specific elements of my interview?

Please be prepared to deliver a five-minute presentation relating to a historical topic that you wish to teach to 11-14 year olds. The topic should be one that you are passionate about, and the presentation should be interesting and engaging.

The first two minutes of your presentation should explain:

  • why you think the topic should be part of the school curriculum
  • the specific details that students should know about the topic
  • how you would teach a one-hour lesson on the topic.

The final three minutes of your presentation should provide a clear outline for how you would envisage teaching the topic in a one-hour lesson. This should involve describing the activities you would include in the lesson and possible resources you might use.

You may use handouts for the presentation. If you wish to do this, please send the hand-outs to the subject leaders, William Bailey-Watson ( and Richard Harris (, before the date of your interview. You may use notes as prompts during your presentation, but reading a pre-written script is discouraged. If you have any questions about the presentation that you need to prepare, please contact William Bailey-Watson and Richard Harris.