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Annie Sloan, Reading School of Art alumni, renowned paint and colour expert
The School of Art has always provided an inspirational, encouraging, and nurturing environment for its students. Producing many illustrious Alumni, that have gone on to achieve great success in their fields thanks to their time at Reading. 

Annie Sloan, renowned paint and colour expert, author, and artist, is one of our prestigious alumni. One of the world’s most popular experts in the field of decorative painting, who has been named one of “Britain's most influential female designers.”  Annie has had a highly successful, broad, and varied career in the creative industries since her time studying Art at Reading. 

“I have had a very rich and journeyed career, all of which I owe to my expertise in colour, design, and art. I am so grateful to have been able to spend seven years studying Fine Art as a postgraduate – unthinkable these days!”
Annie is widely considered one of the world’s leading authorities in paint, colour, and style. Best known for her revolutionary range of Chalk Paints, her knowledge of the creative process, combined with the necessity for an easy-to-apply paint, drove her to develop the revolutionary product.

“I was working full-time as a furniture restorer and painter, whilst looking after my three young sons, and I needed a paint which would apply to any surface, cut out the need for sanding, and dry quickly. Inventing Chalk Paint saved me hours of time every day, improved my work vastly, and meant I could have furniture back in place before my eldest got home from school. Other people soon noticed and began to ask me for my recipe.”

“The best thing about my position is enabling and inspiring other people to embrace their creative side. It’s good for the soul and for your mental health to have a creative outlet. My Chalk Paint offers a quick and easy way to rediscover that side of yourself.”
Annie studied at Reading as a postgraduate student at the School of Art, she already had an established love of art but her time at Reading helped her expand her enjoyment/appreciation of painting. 

“I came as a postgraduate so I was already very much in love with the art form. However, it was the basis for falling in love to a greater degree. I had my own studio to myself and was given wonderful freedom to explore and expand my ideas.”

Annie is focused on inspiring others and spreading awareness of her revolutionary paint, she has worked with Create Academy which allows people to gain inspiration, in-depth insights, and go behind the scenes with some of the most sought-after designers working today.

“I worked with Create Academy in the hope of spreading the word about Chalk Paint and inspiring people with the confidence to begin their own painted products. I also train all my hand-picked independent business owners in the Chalk Paint method and basic colour theory when they are selected to become Stockists. My mission is to teach and spread my expertise! Knowledge is power!”
Annie is a voice of inspiration for other current and inspiring female artists.

“Get stuck in! Don’t be discouraged by the state of the industry. Don’t compare yourself to your peers. Don’t worry about imposter syndrome, or about making fashionable work, or creating for a reason, create for creations sake and you’ll find your voice, your purpose, and a whole lot of beautiful work.”