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Final Degree Show

Every June, final-year undergraduate and master's students showcase their work at the annual Degree Show. This exhibition is a culmination of their time at the Reading School of Art, bringing together up to four years of creative production in one final show.

It's Not Just Hair

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Khadija created her piece in a virtual exhibition space. In an actual exhibition space, the sound piece would have been played out loud, the voices of the women depicted in the portraits dominating the space.
Her diptych film, Confession Salon/Bedroom Confession, would have been shown alongside one another on flat-screen TVs. The audience is invited to watch the individual videos and listen to the audio through headphones, creating an intimate experience between the audience and the piece.
Degree Show work titled "It's Not Just Hair" in an Art studio by Khadija Niang
Whilst this has been a strange and unsettling time to finish our art degree, I've been amazed at how quickly we've been able to adapt as a collective. I'm proud of the work my year group has been able to produce and that despite the circumstances, we've been able to put together a show to celebrate the culmination of four years of art!
Khadija Niang, BA Art and English Literature


Christine Glover

Obelisk is a structure which resembles a house of cards, which radiates a sense of play and simultaneously fragility. Christine created a house of cards out of canvases portraying re-imagined versions of her friends, embellished with various forms of rhinestones, glitter and other playful elements.


The combination of painting friends forming a close-knit community is an adumbration and any apparent stability is immediately undermined by its fragile installation; a feeling of uncertainty and constant emotional change within one's inner world.


"Studying Art and History of Art at the University of Reading has been a fantastic experience in developing my practice, especially with the amazing studio space and tutors that are there to offer support when needed. The online degree show, Asbestos Streams, is an amazing platform for all of the artists involved to showcase their individual work." (Christine Glover, BA Art and History of Art)

Amati Smoke Merlot, Garden Work Collection

Clémence Muller

Due to the pandemic, this year's Degree Show taught Clémence to be creative and responsive to limits and conditions in which she had to produce work and organise this end-of-year event. 

Working from the studio space to a contained domestic garden space, her practice, therefore, had to evolve responding to its environment, modifying the scale and approach to present final artworks. 

"Throughout my degree within Reading School of Art, I have become a multidisciplinary artist. Arriving as a painter, I have explored and developed skills in many disciplines such as digital work, installation, printmaking etc. to finally finish my degree as a sculptor working with metal and plaster." (Clémence Muller, BA Art and History of Art)