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Emily Brewer

BA Art and Psychology

Emily uses the art studios not only to make art but also to inspire herself and her fellow students. Her joint honours degree combines two of her passions, as she aspires to become an art therapist and use art to foster dialogue and aid wellbeing.

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Michaela Efford

BA Art and History of Art

Michaela Efford Photography, Olivia and Alice
Michaela Efford used her art skills and creative connections to build an exciting freelance fashion photography career.

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Image credit: Michaela Efford Photography, Olivia and Alice.

Marylyn Molisso

BA Art

Marylyn Molisso, Backbreaker 2019
Marylyn chose to study BA Art at Reading due to the flexibility of the course and all the opportunities available to her. She studied abroad in Budapest and exhibited her work in the UK and in Europe.

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Image: Marylyn Molisso's 'Backbreaker', 2019, Peer Gallery (photo credit: Stephen White).

Ajay Pabial

BA Fine Art

Ajay Pabial grant scheme
Ajay Pabial has set up Art Clubbers CIC, a non-profit community empowering budding creatives, local communities and graduates. He is proud to be the face of a new grant scheme for arts projects in London.

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Vervina Henry

BA Fine Art

Vervina explored her own identity, history and cultural heritage through fine art media such as film, installation and performance.


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Laura Nicholson

BA Art and Psychology

Student, Laura Nicholson, working on her artwork
Laura combined their love for art with their interest in psychology and had a liberating experience discovering how both aspects complemented one another.


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Tate Exchange

School of Arts & Communication Design

Students and staff from the School of Arts & Communication Design (SACD) took over Tate Exchange at Tate Modern in 2018, to deliver a week of free workshops and activities for the public.

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Naffie Williams

BA Art and Film

Naffie uses art as a medium to express her distinctive style and her emotions. She hopes that in the future her work will transcend national boundaries and allow her to work with organisations around the world, paving the way for black artists in the creative industry. 

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Soraya Muller

Visiting student

A table strewn with paint and paint brushes

International student Soraya Muller spent five months at the University of Reading, from University DHBW Ravensburg in Germany, where she was studying media and graphic design.

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A student studying abroad

Frances Grazier credits her time at Reading with helping to broaden her practical art skills. 

Throughout her degree, she travelled to Taiwan and Wuhan, China, as part of a study exchange programme; subsequently she was awarded a scholarship to continue her studies in Taiwan after graduation.

"When I first started my course I only drew in pencil, but from the start we were pushed and encouraged to try different media. In the end I decided to explore video and my piece "Internal Landscape" uses 3D digital sculpture and a virtual reality headset.

"The study exchange programme allowed me not only to explore different countries, but also to get an understanding of how art is taught in different parts of the world."
Student, Frances Glazier, uses  a virtual reality headset

Studying a joint honours degree

Many graduates opt to study art as part of a joint honours programme; they credit our diverse study programmes as key influencers over their art practice. 

BA Art and Philosophy graduate Oleksandra Radchenko's piece '3-XI-6869421' is a coming together of her time in Reading School of Art and the department of Philosophy. 

"Being able to collaborate with other departments became a really important part of my degree.

As a joint honours student studying Philosophy alongside Art, it helped me incorporate my philosophical outlooks and viewpoints within my art practice."


Student, Oleksandra Radchenko