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Mastering his skills

MA Fine Art student,  Adam Stead
At Reading School of Art, Adam took advantage of our inspiring extensive international connections and opportunities to travel abroad.
In doing so, Adam broadened his creative understanding, developed key professional skills and built an impressive network of peers and professionals.

Going beyond the classroom

Growing up in rural Devon, Adam has always been interested in agriculture and how it connects with the rural and urban worlds. This early influence has been present in his work ever since.
Adam's most recent piece, More Cow Power, highlights the importance agriculture holds in blending the industrial world with nature, and consequently the role his art can play in helping bridge this gap.


Throughout school, Adam was encouraged to think "beyond the classroom" and consider the role art plays in social contexts. His time at Reading School of Art furthered his ambitions and helped him discover his potential, abroad and in the UK.


"For me, the most important part of this course is its international scope. There has been a whole range of opportunities where we have had the chance to go abroad and learn from other people."

International experience - The Wuhan Exchange

Joining the University as an undergraduate student, Adam was inspired to make the most of Reading School of Art's extensive international links and opportunities to travel abroad. He credits the study exchange project with Wuhan in China as a stand-out memory of his course.


"Our partnership in Wuhan has given me the chance to step back and follow a different set of influencers and a different way of thinking. I learnt to work with architects and people from other backgrounds, cultures and professions. That is a really important thing to do as an artist."


During the exchange programme, Adam built upon not only his own artistic abilities but an understanding for the way traditional Chinese art was crafted – a mimetic form of art that differs from the more Western ideas of conceptualisation. These newly found ideas and styles have helped inform Adam's core working practice of sculpture ever since.


"As artists, we are always trying to challenge the conventions of society so it's helpful if you can experience them and their cultural contexts first-hand. My master's in fine art gave me the opportunity to do just that."

Developing critical skills

In addition to broadening his understanding of Art, Adam developed key professional and international skills required to succeed as an artist. He also built an impressive network of peers and professionals.


Adam attributes his skills to his time at Reading School of Art. Supporting staff research projects on trips to Ireland and Scotland helped him enhance his profile as an artist.


Additionally, taking part in symposiums and writing proposals helped Adam build his confidence in communicating the theory behind his work and allowed him to engage with colleagues from across the world.

A bright future

Since graduating, Adam has been involved in various projects and exhibitions across the UK, and plans to be part of many further residencies in the near future. He credits his confidence to the support and dedication of the staff at Reading School of Art.


"The support I've received here since starting my course has been pastoral, academic and skills-based. The staff here have supported me 100% regardless of the decisions I have chosen to make as an artist."