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About research data management

The University provides a research data management (RDM) service to support researchers and research students in managing, preserving and sharing research data and materials. This is part of the University's broader support for Open Research.

Guides to RDM services can be downloaded from the sidebar on this page.

Many funders have policies requiring researchers to preserve and share data that support research findings. The University supports these policies and in its own Research Data Management Policy requires researchers, wherever possible, to deposit data that support published research findings in a suitable data repository for long-term preservation and sharing.

Research data management (RDM) encompasses the collection, management, preservation and sharing of research data throughout the research lifecycle. It includes planning for data management at the grant application and research development stage, managing data on a day-to-day basis during the research project, and preserving and sharing data for the long term on completion of the research and publication of findings.

RDM requirements apply to any data that are collected or used in the research process. This includes both primary and secondary data, and research software and code that may be created to generate, process and analyse research data.

There are many resources that you can draw on to help you manage your research data effectively. In addition to the guidance provided in these web pages, we provide a list of useful links to other University services, external resources and RDM training materials.

Contact us

Robert Darby, Research Data Manager

Tel. 0118 378 6161