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The Funding Service


Over 2023 all research councils will transition from the Joint Electronic Submissions system (Je-S) to The Funding Service. This means that all applicants, grant holders, research support staff, reviewers and panel members will begin using the new service.

For responsive mode opportunities which are ‘open’ all the time, UKRI is giving researchers and research organisations information to plan for the transition to the Funding Service. This will include timelines for closure of these opportunities in Je-S and their re-opening on The Funding Service. Where feasible, aiming to give 8 weeks’ notice to changes to ‘open all the time’ opportunities.

Find out more about each council’s transition plans and the associated changes to their responsive mode funding opportunities.


Opportunities launching on The Funding Service

From January 2024, all council opportunities will be launched and managed in The Funding Service.  In 2023, opportunities will still run in Je-S, while simultaneously running increasing numbers of opportunities on the new Funding Service.

All opportunities that have launched or are launching soon, together with information about how to apply on the Funding Service, are published on the Funding Finder


Creating a The Funding Service account

  • The Funding Service can be accessed by clicking on the link Start application on UKRI’s webpage for the funding opportunity or via
  • You will need to create a new account first. Je-S sign-in details cannot be used
  • Select UoR as your host organisation and add the basic details required (name, email, password)
  • Once your email address is verified you can log in. A brief Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) questionnaire then needs to be completed
  • Application requirements vary between schemes so please refer to the scheme guidelines for further details.

Quick Start Guide to follow


How have UKRI developed a core question set for Standard Research in Responsive Mode

The new Funding Service will use a more intuitive question and answer format, making it easier for you to explain your idea, and easier for assessors to review it. Central to this format is the ‘core question set’, which is intended to be generic enough to apply to all councils and nearly all funding opportunity types.

The question set reflects the basic criteria against which applications will be assessed.  Applicants may also be asked to answer additional questions, such as the make-up of the team, resources and/or references, where these are relevant. Wherever possible, these too will be standardised.

To help you during the transition to the new Funding Service, councils may append specific guidance relevant to your area or field.

Find out more on harmonised core assessment criteria in the Funding Service.


Benefit for Expert Reviewers

Expert reviewers are critical to the success of grant funding therefore a lot of effort is being put in to make the reviewer job easier and more efficient.  The new funding system will capture expert reviewers’ pre-scores and comments rather than having to send this information via email to the panel convenor.

Some examples of improvements in The Funding Service compared to Je-S include:

  • Being able to read the whole application on a single, easy-to-navigate screen or print as a PDF
  • Requiring applicants to attach fewer documents - the application only captures attachments that are essential for review
  • Having all guidance documents in one place



Quarterly webinars aimed at Research Office and research management professionals are being held. The webinar from November 2022 is available online.


Further Information

See the links to further information below to keep up to date with the latest news.

Additional resources and training on transitioning to the new Funding Service will become available on the UKRI website in spring 2023. Further details will follow.