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Where do Research Contracts fit in?

Research Contracts as a team cover both pre- and post-award matters. Some of work arises from projects supported initially by Research Development or the Knowledge Transfer Centre, and some are supported by us from the start.

For grant funded projects (generally led by Research Development), we support certain applications in the background and in some cases are required to negotiate and sign grant agreements; we are also responsible for post-award agreements with other project participants. For non-competitive projects we are responsible for negotiating the funding agreements prior to the confirmation of the award. In most cases we then pass the project on to the RES Project Setup team, from where they are passed to finance (generally Research Accounts).

We also liaise directly with Accounts, the Tax team, Insurance, Legal Services, other professional services, senior academic staff and University leadership, where the project requires.

Overview of the wider RES process.

What we do and what we don’t do

Most contracts within the University are dealt with by one of three areas – Legal Services, Procurement, or Research Contracts. Together, we have developed a Contracts Directory [here ] which outlines the areas covered by each and predictably, Research Contracts deal with matters that are research-related – e.g. research funding agreements, agreements between Universities to collaborate on research projects, agreements relating to intellectual property generated from research.  Other agreements which are not in themselves directly ‘Research,’ but form part of our remit include consultancy and technical services.

We have a number of Contracts Managers with a specific remit supporting particular Schools or fields of work [see here],  and Contracts Associates  who deal with certain agreement types across all Schools; working in conjunction with the Contracts Managers.

As part of our role, we will liaise with other parts of RES and other professional services such as Accounts, Tax, Insurance and Legal Services where required, to help us ensure contract terms are appropriate.

However, we don’t routinely become involved in a project once the agreements are finalised – responsibility for delivery of the project to the contract rests with the Principal Investigator. A full list of what we don’t do would be quite extensive, and the Directory is more helpful – but as a rule of thumb, we don’t do procurement; teaching and learning; estates; or IT-related agreements. 

What are the different agreement types and how do I initiate them?
Agreement task Tasking route 
 Grant agreement  Generally initiated within RES following successful application. Contact Project Setup Manager.
 Contract Research  Fill in the survey.
 Studentship  Fill in the survey
 Consortium  Generally initiated within RES. Contact Project Setup Manager. 
 Project Partner  Generally initiated within RES. Contact Project Setup Manager. 
 KTP Contact KTC 
Research Subcontract
 Sub-Award Generally initiated within RES. Contact Project Setup Manager. 
 Technical Service
 NDA Self Service 
 Student IP Assignment Self Service 
 Data License
 Material License
 IP License Contact IP Manager 
 Amendment Contact Project Setup Manager 
 Novation  Contact Project Setup Manager 
 Other Contact your Contracts Manager