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Merlin by Professor Anne Lawrence-Mathers #HistorialDesertIslandDiscs

As we head towards the last bank holiday of the summer and the start of a new academic year, the History Department at the University of Reading ‘Historical Desert Island Discs’ series comes to magical end with our Professor of … Continue reading

1986 Teenage Girl by Amy Gower #HistoricalDesertIslandDiscs

We are delighted that our penultimate #HistoricalDesertIslandDiscs is by Amy Gower. This fictional account inspired by her PhD research into teenage girls’ experiences of secondary school between 1970 and 2000 (see end of page).  We’ve had the Desert Island Discs … Continue reading

Sigmund Freud by Sigmund Freud and Dr Melani Schroeter #HistoricalDesertIslandDiscs

We are delighted that our colleague Dr Melani Schroeter from the Department of Languages and Culture has colluded with Sigmund Freud himself to present his Historical Desert Island Discs …  We are honoured to host Dr Sigmund Freud in today’s … Continue reading

Richard Nixon by Dr Dafydd Townley #HistoricalDesertIslandDiscs

After a short hiatus we are back with #HistoricalDesertIland Discs to see you out of lockdown (hopefully) and on into the summer. Today Dr Dafydd Townley presents the eclectic musical choices of Richard Nixon…  Richard Milhous Nixon (1913 – 1994) … Continue reading

Fanny Anne Kemble by Professor Emily West #HistoricalDesertIslandDiscs

Well, we took a short break from posting our Historical Desert Island Discs for a week or two either side of the bank holiday. But here we are, our historians are still mostly in lock down so we are back … Continue reading

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