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Ms Lauren Little

  • Widening Participation
  • Independent Study & Work Placement
  • Studio Tour
  • Reading Scholars (Art)

Areas of interest

I have research interests in curatorial spaces and supporting new and emerging artists through my platform, Dark Yellow Dot. My focus is on cultivating the professional development of artists and making art accessible to a wider audience. I design opportunities for artists to share, exhibit, and publish their work, fostering relationships with external partners to create workshops and collaborations

Whilst my main focus is on visual artists, I also partner with other art disciplines and explore outward-facing approaches to other art forms. Recently, I have been involved in initiatives to bridge the gap for postgraduate students entering the professional art world and attracting prospective students to the University. Additionally, I have collaborated with the London Borough of Waltham Forest to create job opportunities for young people in the art sector, contributing to the widening participation strategy.

I am a practicing artist using collage and photography as a way of exploring the concept of impermanence. My practice engages with issues of Diaspora, investigating what remains when a person is removed from their life experience, ie memories, legacy, culture.


With academic qualifications including a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Calgary, I have taught in diverse educational settings, including many years with primary and secondary schools, university, and art centres, both locally and internationally.

Curatorial Projects

  • Pride: Intimate Reflections, group show at Genesis Gallery
  • Love Transfusion, at Genesis Gallery
  • Magnolia by Hazel O’Sullivan, at 1B Gallery
  • Dreams by Monoux College, group show at 1B Gallery
  • View of the Screen by Lucy Cade, at Genesis Gallery 
  • Flags of Our High Street Treasures by Alisa Ruzavina, at 1B Gallery
  • Supporting Material by Mia Harwood, at Genesis Gallery


  • Tundra by Increments, at 1B Gallery
  •  Big Yellow Circle by Bob Brewer, at Genesis Gallery
  •  Live in Colour: Black History Month, group show at Genesis Gallery
  •  The Bigger Picture by QIDO, at Genesis Gallery
  •  There Once Was A Man In the Cinema by Angry Dan, at Genesis Gallery
  •  Selling the Dream by Mia Harwood, at 1B Gallery
  •  Queer Bodies by Brody Mace-Hopkins, Joa Blumenkranz and Raechel Teitelbaum, at 1B Gallery
  •  The Art of Storytelling by Pete Nguyen, at Genesis Gallery
  •  Subjective Reality by Vernoica Valeri, at Genesis Gallery
  •  What a Time to Be Alive by Walthamstow School for Girls, group show at 1B Gallery
  •  One For the Women: Women’s Month, group show at Genesis Gallery
  •  Flowers From Nowhere by Hoa Dung Clerge  at 1B Gallery
  •  Ancestor Birds by Melania Toma at 1B Gallery
  •  Two Sides of the Same Line by Lara Gallagher at Genesis Gallery
  • We Are Family by Clowder Collective, group show at 1B Gallery


  • Through the Window by Simona Pesce, at 1B Gallery
  • Blake Lake by Harry Darkins at Genesis Gallery
  • Universal Landscapes by Alison Dunne and Kate Mayer, at Genesis Gallery
  • Beyond the Universe by Bianca Mierlea, at 1B Gallery 
  • Youth, Art & Power, group show at Genesis Gallery
  • Picture Perfect, group show at Genesis Gallery
  • Squirming in This Fleshy Suit by Chloe Roach, at 1B Gallery
  • Smeared by Adam Stead, at 1B Gallery
  • Possible Futures Group Show at Gnome House
  • Cut Out by Lauren Little, at Genesis Gallery
  • Playground by Ruta Vaketaite, at Genesis Gallery
  • Identity by Monoux College, group show  at 1B Gallery 
  • Existence by Emma Liao, at 1B Gallery
  • Home Made by Lauren Little, at 1B Gallery
  • There is No Time Like the Present But Sometimes I Prefer The Past, by Adam Jacobs, at 1B Gallery
  • Women Activists of East London, at 1B Gallery 
  • Evolved by Nacheal Catnott, at 1B Gallery


  • Printed, exhibition of London-based printmakers,  group show at Genesis Gallery
  • Inside my DNA, group show at Genesis Gallery
  • Galactic Heroes: Mission to Earth by Farah Ishaq, Katja Rosenberg and Del Taylor at 1B Gallery
  • Variscan by Emma Theresa Jude at Genesis Gallery
  • Hidden Truths by Kerry Frank at Genesis Gallery
  • Overflow by Chloe Amy Avery at Genesis Gallery
  • Ones & Zeros by Rebecca Chitticks at Genesis Gallery


  • The Female Gaze, group show at Theatre Deli
  • Overdrawn, in partnership with London Drawing Group
  • Collage, group show at Genesis Gallery
  • Unpublished Voices by Joke Valeria Amusan, at 1B Gallery
  • Portraits from the Early Hours by Oscar Wyndham Lewis, at Genesis Gallery
  • Saving Face by Lauren little, at Genesis Gallery
  • Bold, a group exhibition celebrating Black British Artists, at Theatre Deli


  • A Taste of Home by Chloe Amy Avery, at Genesis Gallery
  • K. Marshall by Kayleigh Marshall, at Locus of Walthamstow
  • Captive State, group show at Number 177
  • Franz Lang Solo Show, at Genesis Gallery
  • Black Magic, group show celebrating Black History Month, at Genesis Gallery
  • Be A Man, group show at Theatre Deli
  • Lifted\\18, art competition &  exhibition for young artists, at Genesis Gallery


  • Lifted\\17, art competition &  exhibition for young artists, at Genesis Gallery


Dark Yellow Dot is a multiple award-winning platform for emerging visual artists. Incl. The Webby Awards Honouree in Arts & Culture, SME News’ Best Emerging Artist Support Organisation & Best Visual Artist Support Enterprise.


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