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Every June, final-year undergraduate and master's students showcase their work at the annual Degree Show. This exhibition is a culmination of their time at the Reading School of Art, bringing together up to four years of creative production in one final show.

RSA degree show for 2022

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Highlights from our 2022 degree show

A ‘Bubble Club & Purple Stars’ inclusive & immersive party, co-created by people with learning disabilities

RSA degree show 2021

This year we held Piece de Distance, an alternative to the annual degree show.

The exhibition and event featured over 70 artists and dealt with our experiences of distance and connection during the pandemic.

RSA degree show 2020

In 2020, Asbestos, our degree show opening event took place online. Among the exhibits were paintings, sculptures, videos and performances staged in kitchens, hallways, and gardens, reflecting how students turned their homes into art studios and exhibition spaces.

RSA degree 2019

X? Y? Z? Strawberry? To which generation does the graduating class of 2019 actually belong?

RSA degree show 2018

Welcome down the corridors of our wartime hospital, through the double doors of A+E, an exhibition showcasing the work of final year undergraduate and master's students.

RSA degree show 2017

59 students are finishing their degree in Art at the University of Reading.

RSA Degree show 2016

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