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Map of planned sports and recreational facilities in Shinfield

The future of sport and recreation in Shinfield

Find out more about all the sport and recreational facilities in Shinfield for the local community and our plans to improve them.

The University and Shinfield Parish Council are working together to improve sport and leisure facilities in Shinfield. Following a consultation held in January we have and will continue to use your views to help shape these improvements.  

The plans on this site outline all the proposals that relate to sport and recreation in Shinfield that are on University land. 

The plan outlines all the developments that relate to sport and recreation in Shinfield.

If you have any questions or ideas for improvements please get in touch via email –

The plans on this page were up-to-date as of January 2023.

Strategic Greenspace plan

bicycle tracks in mud

Active travel

The University is committed to supporting and encouraging active travel across Shinfield. This plan highlights the existing and proposed active travel routes alongside areas for recreational and wildlife walks.

Active travel plan (PDF)

Responses to the plan

Scuffed cricket ball in grass

High Copse Pavilion and Pitches

The High Copse pavilion and pitches are currently under construction and due for completion in Autumn 2023, providing a brand new sports facility, cricket pitch and two football pitches. Once completed, the facilities will be managed and operated by Shinfield Parish Council.

High Copse pavilion and pitches (PDF)

Responses to the plan

White pitch markings on green grass

Northern Pitches

The University has put forward proposals for a further six sports pitches as part of a Reserved Matters application for the site. These are located adjacent to the north of High Copse pavilion and pitches.

Northern Pitches (PDF)

Responses to the plan

Close up of netting in goal posts

Manor Sports

The Manor Sports Pavilion and pitches are due to be completed and operational by Spring 2023. At this point they will be managed by Shinfield Parish Council.

Manor Sports Field plan (PDF)

Manor Pavillion plan (PDF)

Responses to the plan

Shadow of hoop on basketball court

Millworth Lane Recreation Ground

Shinfield Parish Council are currently looking to provide an increased range of sports facilities at Millworth Lane Recreation Ground. Current thoughts include additional tennis courts, a netball court, a basketball court and a pump track for cyclists.

Millworth Lane Recreation Ground plan (PDF)

Responses to the plan

Potted plants and seedlings

Community growing garden

The University is obliged to provide 16 traditional allotments but would like to propose a more ambitious community-growing garden. This could include school allotment plots, an outdoor learning area, a nursery for woodland trees and a community orchard. There is also the potential to provide a park next to the community growing garden. The concept plans below show potential ideas; the University wants to hear residents' views on these spaces.

Community Growing Garden plan (PDF)

Responses to the plan

Daisies and wildflowers in meadow

Ridge SANG

The Ridge Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) sits above the High Copse sports facilities and proposed Northern Pitches. This biodiverse landscape is for local people to visit and enjoy, and provides habitats for a range of wild plants. Planting for the Ridge SANG is due to be completed in Summer 2023.

There is also the potential for recreation space between the Ridge SANG and the proposed Northern Pitches. The University wants your views on how that space could be used.

Ridge SANG plan (PDF)

Responses to the plan

Sapling emerging  through leafy woodland floor

Tree for Life Garden

The Tree for Life Garden is a new initiative offering parents the opportunity to mark the birth or adoption of their child by planting a fruit tree. The scheme would also increase the range of trees, provide fruit that could be distributed to the community, and create a more attractive environment.

The Tree for Life Garden is in an early conceptual stage and the University wants to develop this scheme in partnership with local residents. 

Ridge SANG plan (PDF)

Responses to the plan