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Translating Film Subtitles from French to English by John McKeane
8/16/2021 8:38 AM

I recently completed a project translating the subtitles of a French film, and thought it could be of interest to […]

La Puerta de Alcalá by Annie Streek (Winner YA Photo Competition)
12/18/2020 10:59 AM

Hola! My name is Annie, and I spent my Year Abroad in Madrid, Spain, where I worked in Recruitment for […]

Seville is truly enchanting by Alexandra Tilley (2nd Place YA Photo Competition)
12/18/2020 10:40 AM

‘Hi everyone, I’m Alexandra and I’m a final year Italian and Spanish student here at the University of Reading. My year […]

Sevilla tiene un color especial by Harry West (3rd Place YA Photo Competition)
12/18/2020 10:33 AM

Hey, I’m Harry West and I study Spanish and Economics. I was in Seville studying Filología Hispánica. It was something […]

Beyond exams and essays: Creative methods of assessment in the Department of Languages and Cultures
5/21/2020 9:57 AM

Our students have just finished choosing their modules for their second and final year, and one question they often ask […]

Beyond exams and essays: Creative methods of assessment in German studies
5/21/2020 8:54 AM

Our German section make wide use of different assessment formats which boost our students’ creativity, flexibility, promote dissemination of students’ […]