Spaces of Television: Production, Site and Style (September 2013)

Conference poster for Spaces of Television 2013This conference was held on the 18th - 20th September, and focused on how the technologies TV production (in TV studios or on location) affected the style and significance of programmes from the 1950s to the present day. It was the final conference held as part of the research project, 'Spaces of Television', led by Professor Jonathan Bignell, and was organised by the project's Postdoctoral Researchers Dr Leah Panos and Dr Billy Smart. The academic keynote speakers were Prof. John Wyver, Dr. Julia Hallam, Prof. John Ellis and Prof. Michele Hilmes. Guest speakers from the TV industry included directors, producers and designers: Darrol Blake (Doctor Who, Crossroads), Brian Farnham (Rock Follies, The Borgias), Piers Haggard (Pennies From Heaven, Quatermass), Peter Le Page (Callan, Armchair Theatre) and Stuart Walker (An Englishman Abroad, Road). Professional archivists and distributors comprised Tony Ageh (Head of Archive Development, BBC), Andy O'Dwyer (BBC Research & Development), Tim Beddows (Network Distributing), John Ellis (British Universities Film & Video Council), and Dick Fiddy and Marcus Prince (BFI).

Conference Programme

Reports on the conference were published online by Ben Lamb and Victoria Byard, Andrew Pixley, John Wyver (who also blogged about the archive panel) and Kevin McMahon.


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