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Expense Claims

Payments to Staff

Expense claims must be made in line with all University Policies, note in particular the Travel and Other Expenses, Benefits, Hospitality and Gift Policy and the Procurement Policy.

If staff wish to amend their salary bank details, they should contact HR Operations at

Which forms to use

The University launched an online expense claim system in 2017.This is only available to staff; visitors and students will continue to use the paper version.

Staff must use the online process to claim expenses.

The online version of the form is held in Agresso and all staff are set up as users. Logging on to the Agresso system is achieved by entering the user's existing University ID and password.

The domain name is RDG-HOME.

Once logged in, the online expenses claim forms can be found under "SelfService admin" and then "Expenses".

Online training and user guides can be found under "Reports" and then "User Guides and Training". To watch the training video staff will need to register on Cognito365, the University online training platform. Once registered staff can follow the video. The link to register is on the right hand side of the page shown as Expenses Online Training Registration and this will take the user to the guide that details how to do this.

The University's Paper Expense Claim Form can be used by eligible students and visitors who are entitled to a reimbursement of expenses incurred as part of their University work.

Staff who have received sums of money in advance of expenditure should also use the expense claim form to clear the advances, once they have incurred the expenses.

If you are entitled to claim fees for work you have carried out on behalf of the University, you should use the Fees form, which can be downloaded from the forms page of the HR website.

Do not use the expenses claim form for reimbursement of fees.

Where to find the forms

Links to both versions are shown on the right of this page.

You will need to download a spreadsheet version of the University's Paper Expenses Claim Form from the website. The form is updated regularly, do not use an old copy of the form.

Also shown are links to the online training guide and video together with FAQs for both paper and online processes. staff are asked to ensure they have read the user guide, watched the video or attended a familiarisation session (see below) before they complete an online expense form.

Drop down menus - paper form

The form contains some drop down menus, from which you should select one of the choices, by clicking on the small button on the right of the cell. Failure to select the correct item from the menu could, at the very least, result in a delay in payment, and at worst, result in a reduced mileage claim.


The online version requires claimants to attach scanned copies of their receipts where appropriate. There is no requirement to submit the original copies with the claim or to keep them.

Claimants are asked to retain a hard copy of their receipts until their claim has been paid in case there is a query or if a scanned version is not clear.

Mileage claims

The Excel form automatically calculates the cost of your mileage claims once you have entered the details of your vehicle and mileage. Please include the postcode for the start and end of your journey.

It will also calculate any passenger claims you are making once you have entered the names, journey and mileage they have travelled with you on business in the required box.

How to print the paper forms

Wherever possible, please print the paper form(s) on green paper as this helps the finance team to identify expense claims and ensure your claim is processed and paid promptly.