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Expenses Claim Form FAQ

Please see below for some common queries relating to the Expenses Claim form. These do not relate to expenses within Agresso. For queries relating to expenses in Agresso, please see the Online Expenses User Guide

The form won't print using File>Print.

Use either of the purple print buttons on Page 1 of the form for printing.

I'm not claiming mileage, do I need to print both pages?

No. If you are claiming non-mileage expenses, only complete Page 1 and use the "Click to print Page 1 only" button. If you are claiming mileage use the "Click to Print BOTH pages" button.

The form isn't showing any pence per mile for my mileage claim.

You must complete all three of the "vehicle used", "engine size" and "fuel type" fields for the correct mileage rate to show

The form only works on PC's and with Microsoft Excel. Can I have a different version that will work with the software that I use?

The University only officially supports PC's running Windows and Microsoft Office products. Until this policy changes there will only be an Excel version of the form.

Can I download a copy the form from the website and keep using that for my claims?

No, because the mileage rates the University uses are reviewed by HMRC every three months and can be changed by them, only the latest version of the form can be accepted. If Accounts Payable receive a version of the form other than the latest one available from the website, it will be returned to the claimant unpaid.

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