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About the Associate Campus Card

An Associate Campus Card is designed for those people who work closely with the University of Reading but are neither a current member of staff or student. To qualify for an Associate Campus Card you will need to have a University of Reading email address.

You can collect your Associate Campus Card anytime between 9am to 1pm from the Human Resources office based in room 110 in Whiteknights House, the Henley Business School Library at Greenlands Campus whose opening times can be found here, or alternatively you can get your Campus Card from Campus Card Systems by filling in the following Staff and Associate Campus Card Order form.

This card contains a microchip which runs a variety of applications and allows you to:

  1. Access buildings across campus.
  2. Enter and leave the library.
  3. Enter the SportsPark (subject to payment of the relevant membership fees).
  4. Access your Printing at any Multi Function device on our UK campuses.
  5. Pay for items and services at the .
  6. Pay for items and services at the Library information desk.
  7. Pay for items and services at the Mail Shop and receive a discount on selected services.
  8. Purchase food, drink and other items at discounted rates, plus receive exclusive offers and deals from the following outlets operated by Catering Services: Architecture Cafe, the Library Càfe, Dol.cHe Vita, The Dairy, Eat at Agriculture, Eat at Enterprise, Eat at Humss, Eat at Northcourt, Eat at SportsPark, Eat at the Square, Eat at Wantage, Henley Business School Cafe, Ice House Bar, Park Bar, Park eat, Park house Bar, Northcourt bar & Wantage Hall bar.
  9. Use the card to purchase items at a discounted rate from the ICMA Centre Café Bar.
  10. Pay for Items at the Art shop and receive a discount on everything you purchase.
  11. Purchase food and Drink at discounted rates from the bar and Pavilion restaurant on the Greenlands Campus.

For some services you will need to use the Campus Card in conjunction with the PIN (Personal Identification Number) that you can retrieve from the Campus Card Portal.

The Campus Card is not an Identity Card but you are strongly advised to carry it with you at all times since it is evidence that you work here.

Conditions of use

By accepting your University Campus Card you are agreeing:

  • to use the Campus Card for your personal use only in connection with your work or study at the University and not to give it to, or allow it to be used by, anyone else
  • to take responsibility for any transactions made using the Campus Card
  • to report the loss of the Campus Card immediately so it can be blocked from further use
  • to pay any relevant membership fees.
  • If you are using the Campus Card for purchasing University of Reading goods or services you promise to abide by the terms and conditions.

Further information

For more information about what the Campus Card can do please look at these commonly asked questions.

Visit the Campus Card Portal today!
    • You can now top-up your Campus Card at any University owned outlet