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On discovering a fire 

  • Operate the nearest fire alarm call point and dial 6300 on a University internal phone OR dial 0118 378 6300 on a mobile phone OR dial (0) 999 for the Fire Brigade.
  • Only attempt to fight the fire if it is safe to do so. Use an appropriate fire extinguisher.
  • On hearing the fire alarm, leave the building by the nearest available exit. Close all doors and windows as you leave.
  • Do not stop to collect belongings.
  • Do not use the lift
  • Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by the Senior Fire Officer or the Evacuation Officer.
  • Go immediately to the assembly point closest to your work area (further information is provided in the evacuation plan below).

First Aid 

First aid kits and action notices are located throughout the School. A list of First Aiders can be found here who will be able to provide assistance if required.

A defibrillator is located at the main Chemistry entrance (others are available on campus - map of defibrillators).

If you are unable to locate a first aider or in the event of serious injury please follow the procedure below:

  • Dial 999 (from an internal phone, add the prefix 0 or 9 to obtain an external line).
  • Ask for the ambulance service and provide details of:
    • The nature of the accident/injury
    • The condition of the casualty
    • Your exact location (including building name, floor, room number etc.) - Please use the University postcode RG6 6UR 
  • Phone University Security on 0118 378 6300 to alert them to the fact that an ambulance has been called. Ask them to direct the ambulance to your location. 

Security at the University of Reading

General information regarding security at the University