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The University of Reading's world-leading scientists contribute to a wealth of pioneering research, and are well placed to provide factual, informed accounts of the different ways climate change is affecting our planet.

Here are just some of the areas in which our scientists are investigating climate change around the world.

Changes to the environment

We've all seen images of glaciers melting and wildfires raging, but sometimes the smallest changes in our climate can have a devastating effect.

The way we eat

Climate change is not only affecting the choices we make in the kitchen, but it also impacting the availability of certain foods throughout the year. While we have grown accustomed to having a steady supply of exotic fruit, vegetables and meats all year round, changes in our climate have caused many farming methods to become unsustainable.

  • Professor of Crop Production, Richard Ellis, reports that extreme weather events  such as floods and heatwaves – are affecting the quality of seeds all over the world, which can have severe consequences.

The way we live

The choices we make every single day can affect both the climate and the impact we have on the environment. Our experts are researching the ways humans are impacting the planet, and the ways we can adapt our behaviour to help make a change.

What could happen in the future?

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