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How can my organisation get involved?

Show Your Stripes Day is an impactful initiative that allows organisations to contribute to the global conversation on climate change. Here’s how your organisation can get involved and show its commitment to change:

  • Share the stripes across your network

    As an organisation, you can play a key role by sharing the “warming stripes” graphic to customers, staff and other members of your network. Download your local stripes from – these can either be country or city specific, and include them in your newsletters, email signatures and across your social media platforms using the tags #ShowYourStripes and @UniofReading.

    Encourage your network to further share the graphics to ensure it is amplified throughout your organisation. 

  • Integrate the stripes into sustainability communications

    Use the stripes graphic as a tool in your communications to highlight your organisation’s commitment to sustainability. They can be incorporated into annual reports, sustainability updates and even press releases to visually represent the urgency of your environmental goals and actions. This will not only reinforce the message of climate change and rising temperatures, but also aligns your organisation with proactive climate action.

  • Display the stripes at your locations

    Follow in the footsteps of the White Cliffs of Dover and Times Square by displaying your local stripes in physical locations throughout your organisation. Whether it’s in the lobby of your head office, in retail stores, or at production facilities, large-format displays can spark interest and initiate conversations among visitors and employees alike.

    To further reinforce the message, capture and share these the images and display them on your social media platforms to help engage with a broader audience online. Don’t forget to use the tags #ShowYourStripes and @UniofReading.

By participating in Show Your Stripes Day, your organisation not only raises awareness about the escalating challenges of climate change but also showcases its commitment to being part of the solution. Every share, every display and every conversation adds up – so let’s make our stripes known and our voices heard this Show Your Stripes Day.

If your organisation would like to discuss large scale ideas or opportunities to use the warming stripes please email at us

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