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Zuowei Wang

  • Departmental Director of Internationalisation
  • Programme Director of NUIST


Room 109

Building location


Areas of interest

Multiscale computer simulation and theoretical modelling of polymers and soft matters:

  • dynamics and rheology of entangled linear and branched polymers
  • supramolecular polymer networks
  • charged block copolymers and biological polymers
  • surfactant and block copolymer micelles
  • polymer-drug composites
  • dipolar colloidal suspensions, including ferrofluids, electro- and magneto-rheological fluids
  • computational and theoretical algorithms, such as atomistic and coarse-grained molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, scaling theory, tube theory, Ewald summation, first-principle electronic structure calculation, etc.


Current teaching (2023/24):


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