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Time and location Speaker and topic

18 October 2018



Yohanes Tjandrawidjaja (POEMS, ENSTA Paris Tech)
The half-space matching method and its application to wave scattering in elastic plates

14 September 2018



Scott Congreve (University of Vienna)
Adaptive Refinement for hp - Version Trefftz Discontinuous Galerkin
Methods for the Homogeneous Helmholtz Problem

3 August 2018
Chandrasekhar Venkataraman (University of Sussex)
Multiscale modelling of biological problems
20 April 2018 Hamid Alemi Ardakani (University of Exeter)
Variational principles and Euler-Poincare equations for fluid-structure interactions
23 Feb 2018 Zhaonan (Peter) Dong (University of Leicester)
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for PDEs on polytopic meshes