Mathematics Report Series

From 2008 the Department has combined its previous report series into a Preprint series and a Mathematics Report series listed below.


1/2017 A positivity- and monotonicity-preserving moving-mesh finite difference scheme based on local conservation by M.J. Baines


1/2016 Improving Inundation Forecasting using Data Assimilation by E.S. Cooper, S.L. Dance, N.K. Nichols, P.J. Smith and J. Garcia-Pintado

2/2016 The numerical propagation of scaling symmetries of scale-invariant partial differential equations: the S-property for mass-conserving problems by Mike Baines


1/2014 A Moving Mesh Approach to a Shallow Ice Glacier Model incorporating Data Assimilation by D. Partridge, M.J. Baines, N.K. Nichols


3/2013 A sampling method for the objective thinning of IASI channels by Alison M. Fowler

2/2013 On minimum cost local permutation problems and their application to smart meter data by Nathaniel Charlton, Danica Vukadinovic Greetham and Colin Singleton

1/2013 A new statistical modelling framework to interpret ivory seizures data by R.W. Burn and F.M. Underwood


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