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Thames Valley Science Park Ltd

This is the Guide to Information for Thames Valley Science Park Ltd. Some of the information is available via the University's website and is free. Some documents are available from Companies House.

Who we are and what we do; The services we offer

Thames Valley Science Park Ltd is a property letting business established to operate the University of Reading's enterprise businesses including the Science & Technology Centre, the Enterprise Centre and Thames Valley Science Park which is currently under construction. Further details about its roles and responsibilities are given on the Thames Valley Science Park websites.

What we spend and how we spend it; What our priorities are and how we are doing; How we make decisions; and Lists and registers

The annual accounts

The annual reports

Any lists or registers that may be required in the conduct of the company's business

Please visit the Companies House website where the above are made available.

How we make decisions

Minutes of meetings of the Board are not made routinely available by publication.

Our policies and procedures

The company adheres to the appropriate University of Reading policies and procedures.

For further information not available on the university of Reading, Henley Business School or Companies House websites, please contact Emma Ashley Finance, University of Reading, PO Box 217, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6AH.

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