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Environmental information

The Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs) 2004 allow the public access to information held by the University of Reading that relates to the environment.

The environmental information for the University of Reading is given below, arranged as follows:

  • Guide to environmental information gives links to the appropriate sections of the University's website where environmental information is detailed. The links are grouped under headings that are presented in alphabetical order. Much of the environmental information about the University can be found on the Energy and Sustainability webpages.
  • Research gives links to Schools in the University where environmentally-related research is carried out. It also gives a link to publications produced by the University, which include research publications and blogs concerning environmental information.

This environmental information is reviewed and updated on a regular basis as required by the EIRs. Some environmental information held by the University is not included because of its implications for health and safety or security. If you wish to have access to other environmental information that is not in the Guide to environmental information or if you wish to make a request for information under the EIRs please read the section How to request information.

Press releases from the University often include environmental information. Recent press releases can be found using the following link:

Recent minutes for the Estates and Environment committee that discuss environmental issues are:

Estates and Environment committee:

2018 Nov

2019 Jan

2019 April

2019 Oct

Guide to environmental information


Energy & water


The University's Sustainability Service's Policies, Strategies and Reports can be accessed here.

Health and safety

Recycling and waste management

Information on waste management, including recycling and hazardous waste can be viewed here.


Information on the University's Sustainable travel plan and initiatives can be viewed here.


Research within the University of Reading is described in and, in particular, the environment and sustainability aspects of research are addressed in the section . Some environmental research is also discussed in the University's online debating area, 'The Forum'.

Publications produced by the University, which include publications about environmental research, can be searched for and accessed via our institutional repository, CentAUR, which is a digital archive of peer reviewed and equivalent quality research outputs of the University produced by University researchers.These research outputs include journal articles, conference proceedings, books and book chapters, reports, datasets and published patents. The repository records published and in press items and will be updated continuously. It includes research publications concerning environmental research. It is accessible via the public internet for searching, free of charge. Where copyright permits, the full texts or the equivalent multimedia formats are included. Single copies are freely downloadable by the public, for personal research or study, for educational and not for profit use.

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