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Senate membership

The membership and powers of the Senate are defined in the Charter. Current membership of the Council is given in the Committee List. Both of these documents can be found on the Governance Zone.

Senate minutes


Nov 2023 (PDF 257KB)

Feb 2024 (PDF-240KB)


Nov 2022 (PDF-287KB)

Mar 2023 (PDF-942KB)

June 2023 (PDF-264KB)


Nov 2021 (PDF-268KB)

Jan 2022 (PDF-209KB)

Mar 2022 (PDF-258KB)

June 2022 (PDF-321KB)


Sep 2020 (PDF-268KB)

Nov 2020 (PDF-247KB)

Mar 2021 (PDF-255KB)

Jun 2021 (PDF-292KB)


Nov 2019 (PDF-137KB)

March 2020 (PDF-120KB)

May 2020 (PDF-137KB)

June 2020 (PDF-246KB)


Nov 2018 (PDF-135KB)

March 2019 (PDF-179KB)

June 2019 (PDF-735KB)



Sets of Senate papers are available for consultation in Faculty Offices and the Students' Union prior to each meeting, as described in Availability of Senate papers (PDF-108KB). Dates of the meetings for the current year are given Meeting List, available on the Governance Zone

Senate papers for earlier years can be obtained by contacting the IMPS Office.

Things to do now

Contact IMPS

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