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Text & Images - copying under the CLA Higher Education Licence

Photocopying and Scanning

The University holds a licence from the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) for the photocopying and digital copying (subject to licence terms) of text and images from most books and journals. The licence allows the distribution of multiple copies of limited extracts from library resources to students studying discrete modules or courses. The CLA requires a detailed record of all scanned material to be reported on an annual basis, so it is essential that you contact the Library to undertake all scanning to ensure compliance. The Library provides a free, high quality scanning service and may be able to clear copyright for works which are not covered by the terms of the licence.

Photocopying text and images: see

Scanning text and images: see Scanning course materials

With a few exceptions, this licence does not cover the copying of text or images from the Internet; see Electronic Information & Internet Resources for details of what you can do with Internet resources. You are also not allowed to photocopy or scan sheet music (including lyrics), maps, charts, books of tables, tests and examination papers and workbooks.

Newspapers are covered under a separate licence; see .

If you have a query about - or want to copy - maps, see Maps, atlases and gazetteers for more information.

Making Accessible Copies for Visually Impaired and Disabled Persons

Both the CLA licence and UK copyright law allow for the making of an accessible copy where a person is unable to read or access the original because of a disability or visual impairment. This is only permitted where the work is not commercially available in the required accessible format. 

Things to do now
Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for assistance with scanning