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Fire Evacuation Officer Training


This course is intended for new and existing Evacuation Officers, whether or not they have previously attended Fire Warden training. With the installation of emergency voice communications equipment in refuges along with the introduction of disabled evacuation lifts and evacuation chairs, the role of an evacuation officer has evolved into a more complex and demanding role. So this short course is dedicated to understanding the role of the Evacuation Officer in co-ordinating a building emergency response and operating the different evacuation systems available.


Aims and Objectives

  • Understand the functions and duties of an Evacuation Officer.
  • Understand the legal need for ensuring all people including disabled people are evacuated from a building in the event of a fire or other emergency and understand the options available for achieving this.
  • Be able to interpret the information displayed on a building fire alarm panel.
  • Recognise the predictable behaviour patterns of occupiers of University buildings during fire alarm events.
  • Understand the roles of a building fire evacuation team including fire warden, door warden, evacuation lift operative, evacuation chair operative and attending University Security Teams.
  • Recognise (and operate) refuge communications equipment.
  • Understand the contents of a Building Emergency Folder and provide a handover brief to attending Fire Service personnel.


  • Be able to take charge of a building fire emergency evacuation either during a fire drill exercise or for a real fire.
  • Review your building's fire evacuation plans and recommend or implement changes if required.


All personnel new to the role of Evacuation Officer. Existing Evacuation Officers who have not attended for role based training within the last three years. Fire wardens who may have to act in the role of an Evacuation Officer during absences and staff shortages.


All personnel attending this training course should familiarise themselves with the fire emergency plans that are in place for the building in which they operate.

All personnel should familiarise themselves with Safety Code of Practice 6 - Emergency Evacuation Procedures and Safety Note 39 - Fire Warden and Evacuation Officer Duties.


*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our training program is operating on a reduced timetable.

There are now two presentations Acting Fire Wardens and Acting Fire Evacuations Training available on UoR Learn which can be used as an alternative to in-house and Teams training sessions.

The presentations are designed to provide sufficient knowledge to act in either role during a phased return when existing members of the evacuation team may be reduced.

please view the presentations as many times as you would like and go through the quiz/revision session at the end, once you are happy that you understand the role you may then form part of the evacuation team.

Should you have any questions following the presentations please contact David Sharp, Kevin McGovern or

The presentation can be viewed at any time by logging into UoR learn Acting fire Evacuation Officer Training or you can view the presentation online here Acting fire evacuation online presentation.


COURSE TUTOR: David Sharp/Kevin McGovern

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